Several customers have graciously consented to have their name and e-mail address used as a source of recommendations. I will not give out their address or phone number, but if you e-mail them they may be willing to make more direct connections.

I am in the process of updating my reference list to make it more current.

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Bob Fusfeld

Tom Fuldner
Tom had an Indian RW and Sitka 00

Bob Singer
John, thank you for the MANY terrific guitars.  I love them dearly.  I have about 30 guitars, 6 of them are John's with two more on the way.  The last one I received (5/2013) was a 000 African Blackwood beauty.  This is far and away the most beautiful sounding guitar I have EVER played.  I have never heard or played any guitar with this sound before, it's absolutely amazing!!!  Your work has made my life a lot happier and aside from having truely wonderful guitars, I have heirlooms as well.  Thanks for making the world just a little bit nicer. 

Other names to follow


Look at Google groups and search for Kinnaird Guitars. There is a write up by David Cohen of his instrument.

Check out for reviews of Kinnaird Guitars.

Call me for more.



Just a few random letters used by permission from satisfied customers:

I have now returned home and played my guitar in the quiet of my den with time to explore and enjoy every inch of this fine instrument. My pleasure in playing it is complete. Many, many thanks to you for your creativity, knowledge, patience and skill in maximizing the potential of this guitar.

I hope to see you soon regarding a measurement for a matching pair of six and twelve string concert bodied flat tops.

With Warmest Regards,

Ken Rawls


Greetings John - Just wanted you to know that the red spruce top is beginning to open up, and the tone coming out of the guitar is fantastic! The round, thick tones are becoming even more prominent, and the top is "singing" more, with more headroom, yet the *snap* is still there-great job!

We will have to get together so you can hear it sometime - I think you would be very happy with the way it is developing- I know I am!

The Collings is getting jealous!

David Shepard


Hi John:  I hadn't contacted you in a while so I thought I would send you a brief e-mail.  I've had the guitar about a year and a half now and have no problem what so ever.  It plays wonderfully and I play it a lot.  I have a small collection of about 12 guitars and have played several others as well since I received this one and none are even in the same league. 

I hope you are doing well.  Please take good care of yourself.  If anything were to happen to this guitar I would need you to build me a replacement.

Best Wishes,

Dale Shipley