To have a guitar made requires a deposit of $500 to hold your place in line. At present there is a 9 month backlog. It takes about 3 months to build your guitar. 

I like to keep the lines of communication with a customer open to make sure that he/she gets exactly what they want. In the past I have had customers send neck profile templates, guitar outlines, pictures of inlay, and other specifications. I have had customers that did not want to be bothered with the guitar making process and took a hands off approach. Both ways are fine with me. I usually provide interim progress reports, via e-mail, with pictures of the guitar under construction so that the adoptive parents can view the new addition to their family from conception to birth. 

Each guitar is guaranteed to satisfy. If for some reason it is not satisfactory, whether aesthetically or acoustically, I will make it right by either fixing the problem, or by refunding the client’s money. The purchaser will have three days to evaluate the guitar to be sure it meets his expectations. After that period of time, if there is no contact with me, I will consider the guitar sold. 

Each guitar has a limited structural guarantee. The neck angle, and structural integrity of the neck, bridge, and body is guaranteed and will be fixed free of charge if problems occur for the first 10 years of ownership. Humidity cracks are not covered by the guarantee. All guitars are built in a humidity of 40%. The wood has been well seasoned and cracking will not occur if reasonable care is taken during the winter months not to let the guitar dry our excessively.

All repairs under guarantee will be done free of charge but it is the responsibility of the owner to pay shipping in both directions.

The best way to contact me is either by phone…..(828) 242-6675 or 

By e-mail  -

Be sure to include quantity when you order since we give bulk discounts.